Under 18 climbing

Indoor climbing is very popular with children, and is a great form of exercise and confidence building for them.

We run a series of Junior Clubs  where children are fully supervised and given instruction. The Childrens Clubs are provided for  young (under 14) children who need supervision; please avoid bringing young children outside of these sessions unless you are qualified to supervise or have pre-booked.    

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Junior clubs

These take place at the following times:

Tuesday   4.30-6 pm


Saturday   10-11.30 am

Sunday    10-11.30 am

Cost per person £10

During School Holidays we also run a weekday afternoon Junior club:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  2-3.30 pm

cost per person £10



For safety and insurance purposes please note that ALL under-14s must be supervised at all times within the centre.

Supervision can be by:

-a member of centre staff

-a registered competent climber

-a parent/guardian who has undertaken an induction session with the centre

A maximum of three children can be supervised by someone unless they possess a relevant climbing qualification such as SPA, CWA etc. or any other similar qualification deemed acceptable by the centre.


14-18 year olds

Any child of 14 tears or older can climb unsupervised once they have satisfied us of their competence. Where appropriate this will be restricted to use of the bouldering facility only.


12-13 year old boulderers

We have many keen youngsters who aren't quite old enough to climb unsupervised, but are quite competent and behave safely. To encourage these youngsters we run free supervision sessions at the following times: (normal entry fees apply)

Monday 5.30-7 pm

Wednesday 5.30-7 pm

Friday 5.30-7 pm

Saturday- 4.30- 6 pm

Childrens parties

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