What is bouldering?

Bouldering is, quite simply, the purest form of climbing. There is no need for any equipment other than a pair of rock shoes, and all fear is taken out of the equation. You try the hardest moves you can, safe in the knowledge that you are falling onto a soft crash mat. As such, you can try moves that you wouldn't consider doing on a roped route.

"Font style" circuits

Our bouldering is based around the world-famous climbing circuits found on the sandstone boulders of Fontainebleau, near Paris. Each circuit is colour-coded, each colour corresponding to a different level of difficulty.

We've set the circuits so that there is something for everyone. Work on a particular circuit, when you've managed all or most of the problems on that circuit, move on to the next level. Within each circuit, there are always problems you find easier than others, so don't be afraid to try problems on a harder circuit than what you are used to!

Circuits are changed regulalry, although with the harder circuits, few climbers manage these straight off, so they tend to be left in place a bit longer to allow people to keep on trying the problems.

The benefits of bouldering

Once fear is out of the equation, you can really test your limits. Bouldering offers the quickest gains in terms of strength, coordination and endurance- once acquired, these skills can be transferred to other types of climbing, or built upon to further develop your bouldering prowess. With careful routesetting, completing a circuit here gives you a complete body workout- calves, shoulder stabilisers, forearms, abdominals etc.... The variety means that motivation isn't a problem, unlike your normal gym visit.