Blog - September 2019

Sat 7th September 2019 Currently enjoying the good conditions at Pantymwyn

It was good to see so many familiar faces out at what can be a frustratingly fickle venue- fortunately everything is dry and most routes clean and chalked up.

Fri 6th September 2019 Weekday training sessions

The Tuesday and Thursday training sessions are producing some real results, with many big grade jumps, and in Luke's case, going from beginner to UK squad member in about 12 months!

Good effort by all. These sessions are free to join in, run by Andy, just pay normal entry.

Thurs 5th September 2019 Outdoor courses

I have been running a lot of these over the summer, at all levels. Tim, who I have worked with quite a bit over the years, celebrated his retirement at the weekend with his first ever 6b+ onsight!

This was at the recently developed Deep Rake, a great new venue.

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